Our office is in a restored mill building at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Darley Abbey Mills.

Just put the following postcode in your sat nav to get to the mill complex:
DE22 1DZ

To get a feel of the location, have a virtual fly round using Google Earth.

Depending on your direction you may come through Darley Abbey Village, down Old Lane, and over the toll bridge, or alternatively off the A61, down Alfreton Road, and past the rugby club.

The A61 direction is easiest if you have a large vehicle.

We're in the Middle Mill, on the main Haslams Lane route through the mill complex, but unfortunately it isn't signposted very well. You're looking for a green/grey door in the middle of a large mill building which as a small car park in front of it. There is a black signage with "Loates HR" in unhelpfully small text on the outside. You should see parking spaces for companies GCI and NFU, the front door is in-between these. Through the front door we are just inside on the right with a dark grey and glass office door.

If you're coming from the toll bridge direction, we're on the right after you've gone past Darley's restaurant, West Mill, and Long Mill. Be aware that there may be a toll collector operating just after you've crossed the bridge, particularly during morning/evening rush hour. Just tell them that you're visiting us, and they should let you through without paying. If they're not there, you don't need to do anything.

If you're coming from the A61 / rugby club direction, we're on the left after you've gone past Norton Straw.

Drive with caution past the rugby club as the recent floods have done a lot of damage to the road surface of Haslam's Lane.

There is free parking on site, either in the small car park immediately outside our building, or in the bigger car park opposite on the other side of Haslams Lane. If you can't find anywhere, please use the rugby club car park (A61 direction) or the public Darley Park car park near the Abbey and Paper Mill pubs (toll bridge direction), both of which are free and only a short walking distance away.

If you get completely lost, don't panic, just give us a ring on 01332 890 345 and we'll come out and find you!